The Isle of Man Energy Award for

Community Initiative of the Year

This award category is open to businesses, public sector, non-profit, heritage or charitable organisations and will be won by an organisation that has led a community-based initiative to develop and deliver services within communities to meet local needs.

These may range from fundraising or addressing a social need to initiatives for young people and cultural projects. They must have positively impacted the community or improved the lives of those in the surrounding area.

Entries for this category should showcase; 

  • Inspirational projects that have positively impacted the community
  • The quantifiable positive societal impact of the initiative 
  • Wide-reaching engagement with the community

This year's finalists

Strictly Manx

Strictly Manx was established in 2018 by a team of three people who have broad production experience. The vision was to organise a community event initiative akin to the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing TV Programme. Strictly Manx creates an opportunity for local ambassadors to take up the challenge of ballroom dancing while raising money for their chosen charity. A total of £28,000 was raised in 2022 for six local charities. The organisers have already created two successful events, with 12 local novices learning ballroom and raising money for their chosen charities in 2018 and again following the pandemic in 2022.

WINNER: Hospice Isle of Man

As a charity, Hospice, must constantly raise funds to ensure that they meet commitments to the people of this Island to always be there when required. Hospice receives some funding from the DHSC, however, must fundraise approximately £4.5 million each year to meet £5.5 million plus running costs. All Hospice services are completely free of charge to service users, patients and those that matter to them. The Covid restrictions of 2019 and 2020 hit the charitable sector very hard. For Hospice, this meant the immediate closure of all of our Hospice shops and no fundraising events for two years. Following this, the problem we had to solve was how we could create an interactive, outdoor activity that would be uplifting, positive and relevant whilst raising funds to support the essential work of Hospice. The result was The Big Splash, a large pod of individually designed Dolphin sculptures which were placed around the Isle of Man for everyone to see and enjoy. 74 life-size adult and calf dolphins formed trails around the island's most spectacular coastal locations and open spaces, and these beautifully decorated sculptures helped spark a journey of exploration.

FC Isle of Man

FC Isle of Man is a community-based football club and member of the NWCFL Premier Division. They aim to compete at the most competitive level possible and develop individuals on the Isle of Man capable of performing at the highest National and International ranks of football. As a community club, they have made a huge impact on the Isle of Man community, bringing together people of all ages to get behind the Ravens. The team have topped attendance records for non-league football in the UK with record breaking numbers of 3500 and an average attendance of 1600 last season. Players and officials regularly visit local football teams and schools inviting them to the Bowl to watch the Ravens and be part of the "match-day experience". The footballers have reached celebrity status with the young children on the Isle of Man. Families and young children have been given a sense of purpose and following by backing the Ravens and they have enjoyed attending the Bowl to watch the game and become part of this Community Club.