The Heron & Brearley Award for

Community Initiative of the Year

This category is open to social or charitable enterprises, public sector organisations, non-profit, heritage or environmental campaigns. It will recognise pioneering organisations and teams that have led an initiative or campaign to develop and deliver awareness and services within communities to meet local needs.

This may range from fundraising, awareness raising, addressing social needs to initiatives to educate and uplift youth, or support marginalised groups or people. 

The winning organisation must have positively impacted the community, or improved the lives of those on the island. 

Entries for this category are advised to provide as much information as possible around:

  • Inspirational project delivery that have positively impacted the community
  • Wide-reaching engagement with the community
  • Awareness raising activity across the island
  • Partnerships or collaborations established to drive the initiative 
  • The quantifiable positive societal impact of the initiative 
  • Future impact or ambition for the initiative