The AFD Award for

Digital Innovation of the Year

Are you a tech entrepreneur, or do you work for a business that is using technology to solve a business challenge or open up new markets? Has applying technology to an existing problem opened up new markets for your business and positively impacted the island’s economy in turn?

This category celebrates those paving the way with innovation  to ensure the Isle of Man is at the forefront of tech evolution. The award recognises businesses that are empowering and enabling people to thrive in a digital world, showcasing forward-thinking businesses leading the charge in this innovative space, and using technology to tackle some of our biggest challenges and problems.

This award will go to the organisation that best demonstrates: 

  • Use of technology to solve a business challenges or open up a new market
  • Innovation in presenting a solution
  • Usability and enhanced user experience
  • Adoption across industry
  • Cost-effectiveness and demonstrable ROI 
  • Business growth and new opportunities it has opened
  • Impact to the island’s tech, digital and innovation economy