The Paragon Award for

Employer of the Year

CSR and company values are increasingly vital to the success of our island’s economy and workforce. This category will celebrate  organisations which go the extra mile to inspire and support their employees, and drive the success of the ecosystems or communities in which they operate.

Entries for this category will come from businesses and organisations who are confident that their team of employees is fully invested in their core corporate values or workplace culture. Does your senior team strive to create a collaborative culture? Do you embrace diversity, inclusion, development, strong ethics and an emphasis on work-life balance.

This award is open to businesses, charities and organisations, and recognises demonstrable excellence in the following key areas;


  • Employee development, retention and recruitment 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Leadership and management
  • Innovation and operational excellence
  • Employee communication / feedback mechanisms
  • An embedded ethical culture
  • Creative and collaborative customer service
  • Supporting the local community