The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Award for

Environmental Initiative of the Year

Are you passionate about celebrating and protecting  biodiversity, reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency and driving awareness around net zero.

This category has been designed to recognise businesses or not-for-profit organisations which have implemented progressive policies and powerful practices that support a sustainable future for our island, its landscape, population and economy. 

The award will recognise projects and initiatives which have helped our islands residents and businesses reduce their impact on the environment. Collaboration and partnership that have helped to build solutions to complex environmental challenges will be key to entrant’s submissions.

Programmes should have been carried within the local community and have had a tangible outcome in terms of improving the environment. Activities might include: 


  • Programmes that protect and enhance biodiversity, and promote conservation
  • Activities and awareness targeted to reducing waste
  • Increasing energy efficiency inc. renewables 
  • Developing sustainable practices in society and the workplace
  • Campaigns to encourage a greener way of living
  • Strategic or community partnerships that help us transition towards a more sustainable future in a collaborative way