The Jacksons Award for

Excellence in Customer Service

Does your organisation pride itself on understanding the very heart of its customers and its consumers’ needs? Do your directors and team continually strive to exceed customers’ expectations and provide excellent customer service at all times, whether online, over the telephone or in person?

This category recognises the outstanding contributions of a team and its members to delivering exceptional, outward-facing service and support to its customers and stakeholders. It has been developed to shortlist businesses that provide a consistent, trustworthy and best-in-class service to their clients and customers; organisations that uphold world class consumer relations at the forefront of its outward-facing policies. 

Entering businesses may wish to demonstrate to judges how they represent these exceptional standards through:

  • Clear core values that underpin their customer service policy
  • Training and/or development provided to their team 
  • Technology and innovation that supports their service 
  • Strategy around continuous improvement and sustaining performance
  • Positive feedback or testimonials from customers
  • Case studies of responding to challenges