The Zurich Award for

Health and Wellbeing Initiative of the Year

The Island plan vision is for an Island of health wellbeing is one where our residents have high levels of physical and mental wellbeing.

This category recognises and celebrates organisations or individuals that have developed activities, facilities, policies and strategies that encourage an active and healthy community, as well as promoting mental, physical or emotional health. 

The Zurich award for health and wellbeing initiative of the year recognises and rewards those organisations that have demonstrated a proactive and effective approach to improving the health and wellbeing of islanders.

This year's finalists

Nobles Parkrun

Nobles parkrun is a community event of a free, weekly and timed 5km walk/jog/run at 09:00 every Saturday morning. It is open to all ages and abilities and is organised entirely by volunteers. It's overall aim is the provide an opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness to participate in free physical exercise every Saturday morning. It is inclusive and provides and promotes health and wellbeing, its objective is to grow the event to bring as many people as possible together to feel part of this community event. As Nobles parkrun is part of a global community, many tourists come to the Island specifically to take place in the event - as part of an Islands or alphabet parkrun challenge. This brings tourists to the Island spending monies locally - pre COVID we often saw 20% of our participants as visitors, growing at times such as the Easter Running Festival. The event is unique here on the Island, it is the only weekly free event, it provides support to all who attend, not just at the Saturday event but checking in on people who are ill or struggling during the rest of the week, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Active Souls

In a world where we all take ourselves a little too seriously, Active Souls steps up to remind you of the childish power of shared laughter and human connection at all stages of life. All through the process of unlocking the Power of Play. Operating within the health and wellbeing sector exclusively on the Isle of Man, Active Souls offer a fun and playful alternative to more traditional exercise classes. Sessions entail 60 minutes of interrupted, sweaty fun through one simple concept – play. Sessions incorporate every playground game from our childhood - tag, dodgeball, rounders, bucket ball, kirby, man hunt. Founder Mikey Haslett firmly believes that exercise can be driven by enjoyment and community, and that play can become the gateway to a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle – simply put, childlike play with one objective, FUN! Active Souls have built a community of like-minded people supporting mental, physical and social health, with 150+ people that turn up week in, week out. They continue to grow year-on-year and in 2022 launched Active Souls Futures. This broadened Active Souls’ horizons.

Manx Sport and Recreation - Activ8 Scheme

Manx Sport and Recreations (MSR) Physical Activity and Wellbeing Team's role is essentially to create easy and accessible opportunities for the Islands community to stay active in settings they feel comfortable being in and enjoy, which then allows them to benefit from improved physical and mental health being more active provides. The initial Physical Activity of Referral Scheme (PAR) offered 12 free taster sessions at any of the regional swimming pools or the NSC Gym and the coordinator provided advice and motivation to encourage lifestyle change throughout the 12 week programme, this support was integral to the success and effectiveness of the Scheme. Also a preventative programme was also introduced with the aim of working in a targeted manner with a small selection of schools to improve the wellbeing of staff and reduce absenteeism, initially seven target schools were selected on the basis of high absenteeism rates and a positive relationship with the Headteacher. Of those who completed the scheme; • 83% have increased their activity levels • 71% now achieve the recommended 2.5 hours or more of physical activity per week • 70% made additional lifestyle changes, with 85% of these people making dietary changes • 78% maintained or lost weight • 60% improved their wellbeing • 58% improved their strength & endurance • 57% improved overall health • 60% felt their stamina had improved • 55% stress levels were reduced

WINNER: Swagelok

Swagelok Limited is a manufacturing facility based in Tromode. With 230 employees at Swagelok, the organisation has a dedicated Wellbeing team of 9 who act as ambassadors to Health & Wellbeing within Swagelok. Their mission is to build and maintain a workplace environment and culture that supports healthy lifestyle choices. To increase Associate knowledge and awareness of health and wellbeing issues and healthy lifestyle behaviours. Achievements; 8 associates became wellbeing first aiders through Isle Listen training, Production of a wellbeing booklet to sign post staff to all of the resources available, Free access to counselling services for staff and their families, Company step challenge equated to 7,791 miles in total, Training for the wellbeing team, resilience training and online soft skills training. Extensive volunteering and charity programme