The Lexington Award for

Small/Medium Enterprise of the Year

Small can certainly be mighty when it comes to business: SMEs are the bedrock of the island’s economy, demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit and imagination in meeting their customers’ needs.

The definition of an SME is one with fewer than 500 employees – so it covers the large majority of our island’s organisations. These enterprises are often agile and can move swiftly, whether that is in innovating and generating new ideas, or perhaps in creating wonderful new products. 

If you believe that your small to medium sized business is something special, why not enter this award category and shine a light on your wonderful ideas, products or services?

To help the judges understand your business, you may wish to consider the following questions:  

  • What product or service does your business provide and what demand/need does it fulfil? 
  • What is your strategy? 
  • What are your values and objectives? 
  • What is unique about what you do and how do you differentiate the business from competitors? 
  • What personal, organisational, external or other obstacles have you overcome to achieve success? And how did you do so? 
  • What impact do you have on the community and economy, and beyond if appropriate?