The Utmost International Award for

Teams Working Together

Does your organisation foster a culture where people and teams collaborate, pooling their talents, ideas and resources?

Is your team empowered to freely develop ideas and new concepts, sharing them freely across team boundaries? Are they confident in implementation of these ideas, working collaboratively to bring the very best products and services to your customers or clients?

Judges for this category will require evidence of cross-team activity and delivery. This could be during difficult or challenging times that required your team to demonstrate exceptional strength, or projects during which your team came together to improve and innovate, bringing ideas and best practice to life.

To help the judges understand your team members’ collective impact, you may consider the following questions:  

  • Is teamwork one of the primary values of the organisation?
  • What do/did you do that shows excellent teamwork?
  • Are you structured to encourage people to work together across departments?
  • Is teamwork one of the key elements in performance appraisal?
  • Are good team players recognised and rewarded?  
  • Is your reward and bonus scheme based on individual or group achievement? 
  • What personal, organisation, external or other obstacles and setbacks has your organisation had to overcome to build excellent teamwork? And how did it do so?
  • How collaborative is your organisation? How well does it build internal teamwork, forge external partnerships with others – e.g. suppliers, other organisations – and actively participate in local business or professional bodies designed to raise skills and standards in the Island?