The Mannin Hotel Award for

Technology Innovation of the Year

Are you at the heart of digital transformation empowering people to thrive in organisations?


Recognising the businesses that are empowering and enabling people to thrive in a digital world, this award will celebrate those paving the way with innovation and technology ensuring that the Isle of Man is at the forefront of the tech evolution. This award will recognise and celebrate the businesses leading the charge in this space; the businesses using technology to solve problems.

Judges will be looking for evidence of how applied technology has improved business infrastructure and productivity overall alongside the creativity of the solution. Entrants must be able to demonstrate usability and viability and provide proof points for this.

Open to organisations operating across all sectors, this award will go to the organisation who can best demonstrate the following;

  • Use of technology to solve a business challenges or open up a new market
  • Innovation in the solution 
  • Usability
  • Cost-effectiveness (demonstrable ROI of the solution)
  • Strong business growth opportunity (what new opportunities did it open up?)

This year's finalists

LLoyds Bank International

Lloyds Bank International (LBI) has a very clear purpose - To Help Islands Prosper. They are committed to ensuring the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands recover successfully from the impact of the pandemic and prosper in the future. A key recent business achievement has been the transition into a new commercial premises, Villiers House. This has provided a fresh, modern branch for customers in Douglas with a central office location for our branch staff. Environmental changes such as LED lighting has reduced operational electricity use and having a more central location for colleagues helps maintain travel emissions at 50% below pre COVID-19 levels aligning with the bank’s ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) commitment. A further achievement was the use of AI to generate letters for clients, pulling data from 7 different sources, an astonishing saving of 3,000 hours per year.

WINNER: Gander

Gander is a world-first mobile app aiming to prevent as much food as possible (ideally all) from becoming waste while saving users money on their food shop. Gander connects retailers' reduced-priced food with a huge audience of locally motivated shoppers in real-time, increasing the demand for these products substantially and in turn reducing waste. Ganderlytics is Gander’s unique analytics platform that offers unprecedented insights into products and is designed to make accessing data on all aspects of waste easier for retailers. This data then helps retailers make better, more informed decisions and enables them to learn more about their customers' needs. Thus far Gander has saved 1.9 million food items from becoming waste and 14500 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the environment across 480 stores. Gander's retail partners have had a 42% increase in reduced products sold and retailers have increased their sell-through rate of up to 95% which in turn increases their profits. Shoppers have saved on average 56% on their food shop whilst saving the planet.

Shan Fisher Photography

Shan Fisher photography was founded 15 years ago and Shan’s passion is to capture people’s moments through photographs that can be treasured forever. Shan has used a CRM system to structure, organise and automate her photography business. Streamlining business workflows, amplifying the customer experience and maximising business potential for efficiency and consistent excellent customer service. Each client also has their own portal with access to photoshoot contracts, proofing galleries and receipts for payments.