2022 Entries now closed!

Judging Process

The judging panel represents a broad spectrum of experience and expertise with backgrounds in business, professional, public and non-profit sectors, and includes individuals with specific skills in strategy, marketing, HR, IT, finance, operations and community involvement. All judging detail will be confidential to judges unless permission to disclose them (e.g. for a newspaper feature) is obtained from the entrant. Sponsors may enter awards, although sponsorship will confer no advantage. Organisations linked to judges may also enter, but judges are expected to state a conflict of interest and will be therefore excluded from judging any categories so affected.

Each entry will be scored on the answers given to the criteria specified for each category.

The number and breadth of the award categories are designed to reflect the diversity of the Isle of Man’s economy and community. Individuals and organisations are welcome to enter more than one category. Each entry will be considered in the judging process, however, if you qualify as a finalist in more than one category only your best entry, as considered by the judges, will be put forward.

If any guidance is required to help you complete your entry please contact Isle of Man Newspapers, at: trudi.williamson@iomtoday.co.im